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Beginning September 1st 2023, Green Comfort Systems will be establishing a noteworthy partnership with One Tree Planted, a renowned environmental organization dedicated to reforestation efforts. As a prominent provider of high-efficiency HVAC systems, Green Comfort Systems recognizes the significance of environmental responsibility. Through this collaboration, for each service & installation provided by Green Comfort Systems, a certain number of trees will be donated through One Tree Planted's tree planting initiative in your name. This synergy not only underscores Green Comfort Systems' commitment to energy-efficient solutions but also aligns with our aim to contribute positively to global sustainability. Each HVAC installation & service not only promotes comfort but also aids in the reforestation endeavors championed by One Tree Planted, symbolizing a harmonious blend of innovation and environmental stewardship.

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How it works

Every quarter, Green Comfort Systems purchases a certain number of trees via One Tree Planted relative to the number of installs, maintenance plans, and services performed throughout that quarter. Each tree will be planted in each respective customers name and a certificate will be provided to that customer reflecting the amount of trees donated and the location of where the tree(s) were planted. 

The number of trees planted varies as follows:

  • Service Call: 1 Tree

  • Preventative Maintenance Plan: 1 Tree

  • UV Light: 1 Tree

  • Air Scrubber: 2 Trees

  • Dehumidifiers: 1 Tree

  • Full System Installation: 10 Trees

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