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Save Money and the Environment

You could save more than $500 each year by making more efficient choices with your home and HVAC system. Simple changes like the ones listed below can make a big difference over time.

Control heat transfer with curtains

Curtains keep heat from traveling through your windows. In the summer, pull curtains closed on the sunny side of your home to stop excess warmth from seeping in. In the winter, open your drapes to let the sun help warm your home.

Seal cracks around windows and doors

Don’t let the comfort of your home slip away under your doors and windows. Use caulk or weathering tape to seal any gaps or cracks around your window frames and doorways.

Install energy efficient lighting

According to ENREGY STAR®, homeowners dedicate nearly 11% of their energy budget to lighting their homes. Using efficient, Energy Star-qualified light bulbs can reduce your energy use by 50% to 75%.

Use smart power strips

Installing a smart power strip is a great way to save energy. Your electronics continue to use power when plugged into an outlet, even if they’re “off.” Smart power strips turn power off completely to save you money on your


Annual HVAC Maintenance

Having your HVAC equipment maintained annually is a great way to make sure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency all year long. This also helps prevent system downtime when you need it the most.


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