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Protecting your IAQ from the Canadian Wildfires.

Due to the recent wildfires in Canada, heavy smoke is forecasted to make its way across the mid-Atlantic, including Baltimore. Here are some tips to help prevent the poor air quality from infiltrating your home or business.

Close Fresh Air Ducts

Many newer constructed homes are required by codes in many Maryland counties to have fresh air ducted into your central HVAC system. These will likely be either automatic (electric) or manual dampers. Both of which can be manually shut to prevent the poor quality outdoor air from affecting your homes IAQ.

a manual air damper
Manual Damper

A manual damper would look similar to this, however these same dampers are also normally found on the runs

going to individual rooms for air balancing. Try to follow the ductwork if possible to see if it goes to outside.

An electronic ventilation controller for fresh air
Aprilaire Ventialtion Controller

An automatic damper would look similar to the manual damper, however there would be a motor attached to it that is connected to an electronic control that can be adjusted to close the damper.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

As simple as it may sound. Make sure you are keeping any openings to the outside closed. This also includes limiting the foot traffic through your exterior doors.

Run Air Purification Devices/Filters

If you have portable air purifiers now would be the time to make sure the filters are clean and they are on. It may also be a good idea to set your HVAC fan to either circulate or on to allow the air to cycle through your homes filtration system, especially if you have a media filter, air cleaner, or other high filtration system installed.

If you need any assistance with fresh air systems, air purification/filtration, or thermostat operation, feel free to reach out to us at Green Comfort and we will be happy to assist!

Live Green Breathe Clean

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